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AI Voice Cleaner
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Natural pitch correction

Vocals should sound perfectly in tune, but undoctored. You obtain vocal tracks that are as perfect as you could wish, yet sound as though they’d never been touched.

AI Background Noise Removal

Experience crystal-clear communication like never before with best in class Background Noise Removal — silence the noise, amplify the conversation.

Clean Voice

Cepstrum analysis for pitch detection and Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) for feature extraction, ensuring high accuracy and performance.

Enhanced Listening Experience

Using a groundbreaking method, the system significantly improves the audio quality, providing a crystal-clear listening experience with reduced fatigue.

High-Frequency Presence

Adding a bit of brightness to the voice can make it stand out against a background score or effects in a mix,
making the dialogue more intelligible and thus more likely to be paid attention to.

Dynamic Range Compression

By compressing the dynamic range, the audio maintains a more consistent volume level,
which prevents listener fatigue and keep the audience engaged, especially in situations with background noise or when the listener's attention may be divided.

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Your files stay safe and secure right where they belong - on your machine. We prioritize your security with local processing and zero server uploads.

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Leveraging advanced algorithms, we refine your audio directly on your device. Your media doesn't need to touch our servers, ensuring utmost privacy. With Xound, your content remains pristine, and your data stays with you.

Use Cases

Empowering Creators with Pristine Audio

Empowering Creators with Pristine Audio

We understand the power of clear audio in storytelling.
Whether you're a filmmaker, podcaster, or digital creator, our tools are designed to ensure your message resonates clearly and effectively. Dive into a world where your content stands out, not just for its visuals, but for its impeccable sound quality.

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Elevate Your Podcasts with Crystal-Clear Audio

Elevate Your Podcasts with Crystal-Clear Audio

Podcasting is all about connecting with your audience through voice.
We amplify that connection by ensuring every word, laugh, and emotion is captured with clarity. Say goodbye to background noise and audio glitches, and welcome your listeners to a seamless auditory experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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Youtubers and Tiktokers

Youtubers, Tiktok, Instagram loudness normalization

In the fast-paced world of YouTube and TikTok, every second counts.
With loudness normalization to ensure your videos sound as good as they look, with customizable settings for optimal audio quality on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, enhancing every view, like, and share.

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Whatsapp Integration for Mobile.

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You can send your media files directly to Xound.io through WhatsApp, streamlining the process of improving audio quality.

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  • Unlock exclusive features for advanced audio enhancements.
  • 2GB per file max size.
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  • Unlimited processing up to 20 hours per month
  • Opt for local audio processing to prioritize your privacy.
  • Optional A100 GPU processing for superior performance.
  • Gain priority access to our customer support team.
  • Unlock exclusive features for advanced audio enhancements.


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The Future of Background Noise Removal with AI

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About Xound


I'm Philipp Seeser, a dedicated software developer & entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for audio processing, particularly in the realms of WebRTC & AI.

Away from my computer, I cherish the time spent with my family, exploring the cultural and natural wonders of our planet earth providing a source of inspiration and motivation.

Reference 0

I was skeptical about using AI for my videos, but Xound blew me away. The sound quality improvements are beyond impressive. It's a must-have tool that adds a professional touch to my content. Kudos to the developers!

Jake H., Content Producer
Reference 1

Okay, as a YouTuber who films in my not-so-quiet room, this app is my new BFF. It's like noise-canceling headphones for my vids! My subscribers are gonna wonder if I moved into a studio or something. Two thumbs waaay up!

Alex R., YouTuber
Reference 2

I'm not an audio geek, but even I know bad sound stinks. Xound made my videos sound just awesome!!!

Mauro JD., YouTuber
Reference 3

Clean, crisp audio is non-negotiable in the podcasting world. Thankfully, I discovered this app. It turns ordinary recordings into extraordinary experiences. My listeners deserve the best, and this app helps me deliver just that, every single time.

Jessica M., Podcast Host
Reference 4

All I want to do is dance, make videos and post to my channel. I don’t want to worry about technical stuff. Xound makes my videos sound like done by a pro.

Quiang H., Professional Dancer